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    The Ammonite Group is the technical data and analytics recruitment firm, providing world-class staffing & consultancy solutions for customers who have invested in analytics software and want to ensure they get the most from their chosen solution. By focusing on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, Predictive Analytics, Big Data & Data Science Ammonite Group positions itself firmly in the most innovative and commercially important area of Information Technology; acting as a key partner to organisations who want to ensure that they have the best individuals working with them and enabling its customers to maximise the capabilities of their software investment.

    With over 14 years of experience working in this area Ammonite Group ensures that whether you are a business looking for specialist, a professional searching for your next career move or expert advice, you have a partner that you can rely on to facilitate these changes quickly, professionally and accurately time and time again.

    Ammonite Group provides expert Consultancy services to a diverse range of clients in the Data & Analytics space.

    Technologies & Specialisms

  • Recruitment Services

    Ammonite Group ensures its position as the market’s leading data analytics recruiter by having the industry’s most comprehensive and truly global candidate capture strategy …

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  • Client Services

    At the Ammonite Group we understand that for any business to thrive in an ever more competitive global marketplace its ability to gain as much insight as possible from its data is essential. ...

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  • Candidate Services

    Ammonite Group are proud to work in partnership with Data & Analytics professionals and are passionate about ensuring we provide a market leading service...

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  • Testimonials

    I got the contract on the strength of James' recommendation
    When I first encountered James in 2007, he casually mentioned that I might know one or two of his clients ... then reeled off a list of all the most impressive people I had ever worked with or for. He arranged an interview for me with an Insurance sector consultancy, my future employer. He said simply that he had already recruited 3 people through James, and they had all proved to be excellent. In effect, I got that contract on the strength of James' recommendation. It helps that he has been an MSBI specialist for years, so he understands SQL Server BI/DW projects better than any other recruitment consultant I've worked with (better than some of the project managers, come to that). That means that when he describes a role, instead of just the usual tick-list of software packages and buzzwords, I get a meaningful job spec plus useful background info on the company, the project and some of the people I'd be working with. After 10 years of contracting, using a bunch of different agencies, I know that's exceptional.
    - Daniel Copeland Microsoft BI Architect

    I would unreservedly recommend working with Ammonite Group
    Right from the start, Ammonite Group impressed me with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results both I and the client were looking for. They demonstrated a through manner in interviewing me and ensuring that roles were relevant too the skills I have. This attention to detail helped place me with a client who has been delighted with the service received. My association with the client has now involved multiple engagements over the last 5 years. This relationship was made possible by the professional and diligent attitude of Ammonite and I would unreservedly recommend working with Ammonite Group.
    - Jason Aubrey Independent MS Expert

    One of the few agencies that really have a grasp of the BI market
    I have worked with James Proctor of Ammonite Group several times and as a busy freelancer I value the way he makes the effort to understand my market niche and level of expertise and is selective about the sort of contracts about which he approaches me. I know that when he puts my name forward to a client there is a good chance of landing the contract because he is very good at narrowing the field of candidates to those that are a good match for the client's requirements. He is, and Ammonite Group are one of the few agents/agencies that really have a grasp of the Business intelligence market and his longevity is testament to that.
    - John Harrison Independent MS BI Professional

    Ammonite Group are a contributor rather than just a facilitator
    Having worked with James, including at Ammonite Group both as client and candidate for a number of years now, I have always been impressed by his willingness to work towards the best outcomes for everyone involved in the recruitment process. He achieves this by being open with all parties and by showing a great deal of creativity and goal orientation in distilling down the priorities and salient points of the requirement and matching the right candidate to the role.
    - Hasnain Rajpal Programme Manager BT Global Services

    Extremely knowledgeable of a wide variety of BI tools and DW
    The depth of James’s experience, particularly within the BI & SQL Server industries enables him to quickly source high quality candidates. The level of confidence this inspires makes for a strong business partnership, something that dates back over 10 years. James and his team are always my go to agents for any form of recruitment and I looking forward to building further upon our excellent business relationship and sourcing further high caliber candidates.
    - Grant MacLeod Head Of Technology - AOL

    Professional and willing to go the extra mile
    I have had the pleasure to have had dealings with James over a number of years and have always found him to be professional and willing to go the extra mile to help me secure my next position. He checks and makes sure that the client and I am a good match therefore reducing wasted effort on both sides, which is particularly important for myself as a contractor. I’m looking forward to continuing working with James and I always contact him when I become available
    - Nigel Burgoyne MS BI Professional

  • BI, Big Data & Data Science

  • BI, Big Data & Data Science


    Recruitment & Consultancy Services

    Our Difference

    Ammonite Group ensures its position as the market’s leading data & analytics recruiter by having the industry's most comprehensive and truly global candidate capture strategy

    Ammonite Group aligns this with the most rigorous screening process in the industry which qualifies all data & analytics professionals for their skills, technical competencies, personality traits and experience, ensuring we match the right individual to every requirement.

    Ammonite Group’s recruitment consultants are intensively trained in the technologies they recruit for. They are selected for being excellent communicators, sales people and negotiators - unlike many competitors we've taken the time to learn about what it is you recruit for and do.

    As opposed to most technical recruitment businesses we dedicating ourselves to a single market, making it small - our candidates become our clients and vice versa - in short, we live off of our reputation, so we recognise the need to not only deliver but also act with integrity and professionalism in all dealings with our customers. Whether you are a global blue-chip, SME or individual – Ammonite Group works collaboratively with you to provide innovative, intelligent and flexible recruitment solutions.

    Ammonite Group provide expert consultancy services to our diverse client base in the field of Business Intelligence.

  • Contract Solutions

    Helping clients find quality contractors for business critical projects and non BAU work is at the core of what we do.

  • Permanent appointments

    Ammonite Group Permanent Appointments delivers a tailored solution for the provision of technologists and associated management and facilitators across our market focus.

  • Interim management & facilitating

    Our clients sometimes require specialised, delivery focused: project & programme managers, analysts, architects and modellers as well as technologists. We have this covered.

  • Data & Analytics Recruitment

  • Data & Analytics Recruitment


    Client Services

    Ammonite Group: Clients


    At Ammonite Group we understand that for any business to thrive in an ever more competitive global marketplace its ability to gain as much insight as possible from its data is essential. Companies that have chosen a particular RDBMS, BI Solution, Analytic Package or Big Data Technology need a go to supplier that they can rely on to provide the right staff to get the most from their systems.

    Whether you are implementing a basic reporting solution, online analytical processing (OLAP), data mining or full-scale operational BI / Big Data System, you can trust the Ammonite Group to understand your business and its technical needs and have the breadth of contacts to deliver.

    We focus solely on this market and its associated products so you don't need to waste time bringing us up to speed. We're already there.

    Psychometric profiling

    When we put a candidate forward for a role with any of our clients, they will be technically excellent.

    Verified referencing

    At the Ammonite Group we are confident in our ability to deliver great candidates that are an excellent fit for our customers’ requirements.

    Technical testing

    We are currently in consultation with renowned, trusted partners to bring our clients unique testing programmes that ensure we deliver to requirement.

    Salary benchmarking

    Ammonite Group are determined to provide services that complement our client's recruitment objectives and our market knowledge of salaries help us do this.

    Terms & Conditions

    Download Ammonite Group’s standard Terms of Business
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  • BI, Big Data & Data Science

  • BI, Big Data & Data Science

  • Candidate Services

    Ammonite Group: Candidates

    Ammonite Group are proud to work in partnership with Data & Analytics professionals and are passionate about ensuring we provide a market leading service to anyone in this sphere who is considering their next career move or is looking for a long term relationship with a business that understands and cares about what you do.

    Whether you are looking for your next permanent position or are a career contractor, Ammonite Group has the client relationships, knowledge, reputation and singular focus to ensure we are the partner for you. Our services include (but are not limited to):

    Our Services

    • CV consultation
    • Interview technique & coaching
    • Technical training
    • Advice on how to engage with agents and the recruitment market
    • Career planning
    • Salary and contract rate surveys
    • Candidate Care Scheme
    • Tax & legislation compliance
    • Our candidate Service Level Agreement

    Join Ammonite Group

    We are cementing our reputation as the 'go to' data & analytics specialists. The result is, we're hiring!

    Join Ammonite Group

    We founded Ammonite Group in 2013 because we know the data & analytics market, it has explosive growth and there are hardly any recruitment specialists purely focused on this market. Sure there any number of general IT recruiters that dabble in this area but we want to ensure that all of our resources and brand building activities are concentrated on success in this market.

    We don’t answer to a board of directors, committee or external investors. Ammonite Group are fully independent, privately funded and directed by the co-founders so that we can make timely, sensible decisions and react to the changing needs of clients, candidates and staff.

    Our raison d'être is technical and analytical contract & permanent roles in BI, Big Data & Data Science. We are excited about this area of cutting edge business services. We are building the Ammonite Group brand to be the strongest recruitment brand in this market. We already sponsor the Europe’s largest SQL Server community conference and London Data Science meetups. We’re building relevant Data Science & Big Data communities and host specialist key note speaker.

    Our strengths are our understanding of our market & clients, our straight forward, open communication style and our reputation in the recruitment market.

    Why join?

    If you are joining a relatively new company, you want the excitement and ‘possibilities’ that this holds for your career but want to minimize unnecessary risks. The founders have a demonstrable track record of building successful companies, divisions, teams and individuals. Nothing is guaranteed but past success is a strong indicator of future success. As a demonstration of our intent and support we have already backed one of our Directors to start their own business within the Group in May 2015.

    Phil Marks has been an MD of PLC and large independent recruitment companies for 15 years, following 10 years ‘on the front line’ in recruitment. He’s successfully developed divisions and companies and has been an advisor to over 20 specialist recruitment businesses in the UK over the last 5 years. He’s previously grown and directed businesses of 100+ people in IT, financial services and accountancy recruitment.

    James Proctor has been a COO, Director and hands on billing manager for 13 years. The biggest ever biller and head of UK Contracts for one of the UK’s largest independent recruiters, leading from the front he’s developed top billers and future leaders.

    Over our first 3 years Ammonite Group has won business with some of the UK’s best blue chip brands as well as innovative on-line SME’s. We’ve gained a solid reputation in our candidate communities for understanding their markets, delivering on our promises and strong, reliable communication.

    We have a clear 4 stage strategic vision & ambition for the development of our staff, the company and the Ammonite Group brand.

    Vision & Ambition;

    *Stage 1 – 100% complete. Solid database, established blue chip clients, strong contractor book

    *Stage 2 - develop future leaders of Ammonite’s Contract & Permanent divisions to work alongside the founders and grow the business, becoming partners of Ammonite Group in the process. In fact, in 2015 we backed one of our Directors to start their own business within the Group

    *Stage 3 - international expansion in New York

    *Stage 4 - Founders and Partners to share the spoils of success and then push on for further growth


    Infrastructure should support not hinder sales and delivery. We’ve switched and streamlined our CRM, focused our marketing and developed our brand to help drive sales not create admin or burden for staff. This mantra will continue throughout our growth.

    Why join now – at Stage 2

    Stage 2 is unique, offering a future stake in Ammonite Group. It’s about timing. Being the boss instead of reporting to them.

    We have recently entered Stage 2, which is all about the future leadership of Ammonite Group. We decided from the outset to grow Ammonite Group by working hand in hand with a few key initial staff partners, offering ownership, personal mentoring to gain a true understanding of business management, shared rewards and personal development.

    The Roles

    Permanent Recruitment Leader - An Overview
    You are undoubtedly a successful permanent recruiter at present. However, as with all entrepreneurs, you have a desire for real ownership, a big say in your own destiny, cast iron guarantees of progression and a meaningful piece of the pie.

    You’re ready to branch out, want an entrepreneurial environment but don’t want to go it alone. You want the best of both worlds.

    This is a chance to really use your business acumen, fulfill your ambition, get in at the ground floor and expand with the business. You will directly affect the direction of the business and at the same time, be fully supported and mentored. Mutually agreed successes will trigger ownership, promotions and rewards guaranteed in your employment contract from the outset. Our stated aim is that we will fully share the direction, running and success of Ammonite Group with you, a future leader of the business.

    You will lead and grow your own permanent team, recruiting people in BI, Big Data and Data Science. Following the success of the Contracts Division, the permanent business has a very strong platform of live vacancies and excellent leads to build on.

    A truly global market, with an excellent London core, you will have the freedom to utilise contingency and search methods and negotiate the right deal for your clients. You will utilise your core recruiting expertise and support further development of your staff leadership capabilities.

    Background & Attributes

    You have 2-5 years’ experience as a successful permanent recruiter from a relevant, technical market. You also have a burning desire to develop your mentoring or management capabilities and grow your own business and team.

    You will lead from the front to put your own stamp on permanent recruitment processes, develop your own business and build on the vibrant, live portfolio of clients and jobs we have already established.

    Trainee Consultants
    As a Trainee Consultant, you will be fully supported by the Directors of the business with an in-house and external suite of training. We have a comprehensive, tried and tested 2-year training programme built to establish you as a Senior Recruitment Consultant at the end of that period.

    You will work in a meritocracy, with career advancement based on your success and demonstration of common sense and sound business judgement. As a relatively new business, we are fully focused on ensuring the individual success of our new recruits as future leaders of Ammonite Group.

    Data & analytics is arguably the fastest growing sector in recruitment. 95% of all global data has been generated in the last 2 years and this phenomenon is expected to be repeated again in the next 2.

    We’re an ambitious SME. We want the best leaders and staff. So we also offer the following packages depending on your seniority and success;

    • Mature working environment
    • Transparent, competitive commission structure
    • Genuine ownership opportunities
    • Profit share & bonuses
    • Lunch clubs & winners trips
    • Gym & private club memberships

    Ammonite Group are looking to grow significantly over the next five years. If you are looking for a firm that has a sound financial footing that believes in building a recruitment company that has real brand value, and has all the benefits that a first class recruitment company should have we would definitely want to meet you for a confidential, informal drink.

    I stress that this is a unique time to join Ammonite Group.

    Call, email or text to:

    +44 7984 146971

    +44 203 693 1602

    Meet The Founders

    Phil Marks has been working in the recruitment industry for 25 years. He’s been on the board of both PLC and independent recruitment businesses as well as advisor to over 20 specialist SME recruitment firms in the last 4 years. A lifelong Spurs fan, living in view of The Emirates.

    Phil co-founded Ammonite Group in the summer of 2013 with a clear vision to build an ethical, successful recruitment firm in the biggest growth market on the planet. "We have a clear 4 Step vision to build a great business. Our plans incorporate sharing ownership and success with key staff."

    James Proctor’s career in recruitment has spanned 13 years as C.O.O., Director, Manager and Top Biller in the BI, data & analytics market. Previously, James was the highest ever billing consultant at one of the UK’s largest independent IT recruiters whilst running their most successful division.

    Always a believer in leading from the front, James has developed tremendously successful individuals throughout his career in IT recruitment. A tri-athlete and natural born competitor. "Ammonite Group is a combination of 13 years learning from the best and worst experiences of recruitment and the burning ambition to grow a great brand in a focused market, namely data & analytics."

  • Data & Analytics Recruitment

  • Data & Analytics Recruitment

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